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  • Activating Regenerative Organisational Cultures

    It’s a fascinating time to be involved in transforming organisational cultures. At present I am fortunate to be involved in some really interesting organisation transformations ranging from purpose-drive B-Corps to large financial service providers. Every organisation is a unique conglomeration of individuals, team-power-plays, psychological agency, value propositions, strategies and tactics, wider ecosystem relations and market

  • Crossing the Threshold with Nature-based Coaching and Leadership Immersions

    Times they are a’changin. Even the nature of change itself seems to be changing – ceaseless churning change of the catalytic variety concocts this pregnant moment of seismic breakdown and breakthrough.  I foresee the next couple of years as simultaneously challenging, transformative and full of potential. Those of us engaged with transformational leadership work will

  • In Service to Life: Regenerative Leadership for 21st Century Organisations

    David Lorimer is Director of The Scientific and Medical Network, and also Editor of the magazine Paradigm Explorer. He has kindly reviewed the book Regenerative Leadership, by Giles Hutchins & Laura Storm, a book that he sees as a highly informative and inspiring must-read for leaders in every sector REGENERATIVE LEADERSHIP, by Giles Hutchins and

  • Time to Reinvent our Humanity, and Learn to Turn Tensions into Crucibles for Evolution

    It is indeed a fascinating and also challenging time to be alive.   As COVID-shocks erode edifices of normality, underlying systemic fragility becomes easier to see.  It’s not just COVID, or the American Presidential election, mushrooming global debt, imploding commercial property values, monstrous market volatility, rising mental illness, soaring suicide rates, or the immediacy of the

  • Reinventing Human Beings  – Creating the Greatest Breakthrough of the 21st Century

    Amid these fast-moving and volatile times, how do we enable ourselves to become more purposeful, creative, agile and wise? How do we help our humanity not get overwhelmed by the ever-widening and deepening challenges of the day, and instead consciously adapt and evolve, so we thrive amid volatility? I came across this image recently and


Regenerative Leadership (Wordzworth)

A blueprint for next-stage leadership, unlocking the DNA of 21st century future-fit business

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'This book invites leaders to lead the world into the 21st century’'

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary UNFCCC 2010-2016

Future Fit (Amazon)

a practical business book for those of us involved in the future of business, from entrepreneur to senior executive.

'Brilliant…a must read for all leaders and entrepreneurs.'

Richard Barrett, Chairman and Founder of the Barrett Values Centre

The Nature of Business (Green Books)

which won an award in North America and has received much praise both sides of the Atlantic.

'This book not only brings together the current best practice and analysis of transformational business, but also seeks to find solutions. Giles has for many years been an innovative thinker based squarely in business and this book demonstrates that thought leadership; the book leaves me thinking much more clearly and feeling inspired to transform.'

Paul Drukman, CEO of The International Integrated Reporting Council

The Illusion of Separation (Floris Books)

which received wide ranging praise from world leading philosophers, academics, business experts and leadership specialists.

'Giles Hutchins takes us on an amazing tour de force, the intellectual tour of our lives. With ease and incredible clarity, he reveals simultaneously the history and the philosophy and the implications of the dire plight Earth is now within … He does not let us hang there, however, for with equal engaged clarity, he shows us the alternative at hand ... Never before, that I know of, has the choice of life, true life, or the path of degradation been put before us with such clear equanimity.'

Robert Sardello, PhD, Founder of The Center for Spiritual Psychology, and author of Love and the Soul: Creating a Future for Earth

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