The time has come

The world of leadership and organisational development is transforming before our eyes.

Leaders either learn to cross the threshold and thrive in these transformational times or they struggle, stress and strain with out-dated approaches, methods and mind-sets.

Crossing the threshold while keeping the wheels on the road is THE challenge of our time for Future-Fit Leaders.

This is not a one-off silver bullet.

It’s a discipline, a way of sensing-and-responding, a way of being-and-doing.

Giles Hutchins provides the safe space, sparks the insights, facilitates the deep dialogue, and catalyses authentic change for this necessary transformation in leadership consciousness.

Chair of the Future Fit Leadership Academy, author of The Nature of Business, The Illusion of Separation, Future Fit, co-author of Regenerative Leadership, Lead Partner of The Natural Business Partnership, Founder of Leadership Immersions co-founder of Regenerators, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation. Giles offers bespoke advisory, coaching and catalytic sessions for forward-thinking leaders and their organisations, to help them cross the threshold and embrace rejuvenation and renewal.

Nature Dawn
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'In times, when business leaders are struggling with volatility and uncertainty about the future of their organizations, Giles Hutchins lays out a path for transformational change.'

Mick Bremans, Chairman, Ecover

'Under the inspirational guidance of Giles we pioneered the ‘firm of the future’ approach and engaged our clients and partners on this exploratory path to a more sustainable and agile business ecosystem.'

Marianne Hewlett, Senior Vice President, Atos International

'What an inspiring day Giles, a great balance of talking, contemplation, meditation, being in nature - Thank you so very much!'

Coachee, CEO of non-profit organisation

'Giles inspires us business leaders to grasp the mettle for transformational change.'

Dermot Egan, Co-founder of The Hub

'The nature immersion workshop with Giles exceeded all expectations.  This is real space to develop strategies fit for the 21st century.'

Stephen Passmore, CEO

‘Powerful and provocative…the most useful leadership event I have ever attended.’

Ian Ayling, Strategy Director of major retailer

Giles Hutchins has been delivering as an Adjunct Faculty on our Transformational Leader program for the last 5 years.  The day he spends with groups of leaders in nature on the topic of ‘purpose and legacy’ has become the highlight of this program.  Participants find it truly impactful and transformational.  Giles has a unique ability to bring groups to a place of psychological safety very quickly where they trust him and the process, which enables them to move very quickly to deeper levels of consciousness and sharing.   Giles has also facilitated numerous internal Ashridge workshops and coaching to our full-time faculty, all of which have received excellent feedback.

Sharon Olivier, Programme Director Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School

Giles Hutchins is Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy, a community of forward-thinking practitioners involved in transforming leaders and organisations towards becoming future-fit.
To find out more, please visit The Academy.