Giles Hutchins speaks at a wide variety of events ranging from after dinner talks to global conferences.

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'I was blown away by Giles' impressive delivery and deep yet clear messaging for our conference.'

Global CEO

'Giles is one of those rare sustainability professionals who truly walks the walk! His passion is obvious and infectious… He is a natural communicator and disrupter of conventional thinking.'

Oliver Turnbull, Principal, Atos Consulting

'At our annual conference we challenged Giles to inspire a highly eclectic group of local leaders to think about how they could help accelerate the shift towards a low carbon economy across our region. In less than 30 minutes Giles provided enough food for thought to fuel the whole afternoon's dialogue and activity. Delegates were still talking about future fit and nature inspired business in our conversations days and weeks after the event. Totally brilliant! '

Dr Fred Paterson, Nottingham Business School
Giles Hutchins Talk
Giles Hutchins talk

He speaks at corporate events and workshops where attendees are looking for inspiration and pioneering new thought. He also speaks at leading Business Schools for forward thinking executive education students.

'Giles commands an incisive analysis of the systemic challenges we face, whilst connecting with his audience in a warm, engaging rapport. A wealth of concrete, inspiring examples of past and present further deepen a sense of grounded hope about what we can lean in to in these remarkable times, as leaders and practitioners, making him a compelling and insightful thinker of our times.'

Tom Keward, Programme Director, Roffey Park Institute

'The One Planet MBA students love Giles’ inspired and interactive sessions at the Business School, University of Exeter. He is a professional and creative colleague with strong values who is a pleasure to work with.'

Sally Jeanrenaud, Senior Professor, Exeter University
Giles Hutchins talk

A sought-after speaker, Giles’ engagements take him to a variety of high profile conferences and events, some public some private.

'Giles is a hugely energetic and inspiring speaker.'

Paul Bray, Executive Partner, IBM

'Giles facilitated an offsite as catalyst to support the development of our future blueprint, both personal and organisational. Inspiring, thought-provoking and disturbing in equal measure, Giles' rationale for the need for change, and his call to action, is compelling. In these turbulent times, the more people there are like Giles in the world, the better.'

Euan Smith, COO, Sky Deutschland

'Giles's talk was a truly masterly keynote, and set the tone for a very successful day.'

Antonia Swinson, CEO, Ethical Property Foundation