These are transformative times. Much is under strain, with many systems on the brink of collapse.    This creates significant tension, dissonance and stress across all systems.

Yes there are also times of immense creativity. Tensions can act as crucibles for creativity if we dare be courageous in the face of upheaval and change.  As the old Chinese saying goes, ‘In times of great winds, some build bunkers, others build windmills’.  We are witnessing such a time where it is becoming ever more apparent those leaders building bunkers, hunkering-down into status-quo thinking, from those adapting (even thriving) amid change by bringing in a new cycle of manifestation: future-fitness = working the way nature works.

Iranian philosopher Seyyed Hossein Nasr notes:

‘Only the end of a cycle of manifestation makes possible the recapitulation of the whole cycles, and the creation of a synthesis which then serves as the seed for a new cycle.’

It’s this synthesis of the old cycle (mechanistic reductive management thinking) and the new cycle (living-systems holistic leadership consciousness) that the next few months and years shall witness.  How do we best synthesis the old and the new being born right now?  The ancient alchemists had a wise saying, ‘Omega is the archway where Alpha stands framed.’  There is much we can learn from our own death-rebirth process that informs how our organisations can become future-fit and regenerative but learning to adapt to change.

‘Its not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most able to adapt to change.’  Charles Darwin

This capacity to truly adapt to change amid a time of upheaval, stress and dissonance, is what we explore through the embodied learning environment of nature Herself.  Amid 60 acres of secluded ancient woodland set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beaty, close to London, airports and international train-links, on 19th September, 2024 we shall be diving into next-stage future-fit regenerative leadership.

Through over a decade of working on regenerative leadership and nature-based coaching, I have developed a range of practices, coaching-frames and processes that aid the journey of becoming a next-stage future-fit leader – one that can work with and thrive amid complexity, and journey toward becoming regenerative for self and system. As a CEO I coach, Jayne Mayled, notes:

‘Having been ‘leadership development-ed’ up to my eyeballs in my corporate years, Giles Hutchins brings a unique mix of skills and techniques to coaching for these transformative times.’

19th September Immersion – Logistics:

9.15/9.30am Arrivals – refreshments upon arrival. Workshop commences at 9.45am

4.15pm Departures

By Car – RH17 6HQ aim to arrive for 9.15-9.30am.

By Train – Come to Three Bridges station for 9.15am, a cab will meet you there.

Cost: £400 – To register for your place either Direct Message me on LinkedIn or contact me via my website

Pre-reading or preparation:  Once you have paid, your place is confirmed, and you will be sent a pre-read, preparatory material and guidance.  Other emails will also be sent near the immersion with further information. Other content/material will also be shared post-immersion.

What can you hope to gain from the experience:  You will form part of a small group of like-minded yet diverse leaders and practitioners, and will be facilitated by Giles Hutchins for the entire day. Here are some of the things you can hope to experience:

An embodied experience of regenerative leadership

Tools, processes and techniques to aid the journey toward regenerative leadership

Consciousness-raising practices and modalities

Peer-sharing and facilitated group dialogue sessions

Pre-reading material and guidance before the workshop

A signed copy of Leading by Nature book (plus any one other of Giles’s six books)

Organic lunch and refreshments throughout the day

A certificate from The Future Fit Leadership Academy for your attendance

A special 35% discount for regenerative leadership coaching with Giles Hutchins

Some quotes from previous open-day immersion workshops at Springwood with Giles:

‘The nature immersion workshop with Giles exceeded all expectations.  This is real space to develop strategies fit for the 21st century.’ – Stephen Passmore, CEO, Resilience Alliance

‘Feel I’ve had a day with a real master. What beautiful profound lessons’. – Simon Milton, CEO of Pulse Brands

‘Having read Giles’ previous book – Regenerative Leadership, I had high expectations. They were surpassed, magnificently. Giles took us on a journey that saw complete strangers enter into a state of connection, high trust and intimacy – in a matter of hours.  We emerged nourished, energised, connected, centred and better equipped to deal with the challenges of life in the early ‘20s.    For those seeking answers around their personal and professional development – I can’t recommend Giles and his work highly enough. Richard Tyre, CEO of Good People

‘Giles’s blends business expertise, deep connection with nature and our living environment and experience in transformation, helping us think differently and progressively about work and organisational intent. He is magical in his ability to generate ‘safe spaces’ for conversations that matter’Caroline Gosling, Director, Rubica

‘Powerful and provocative – the most useful leadership course I’ve ever attended!’Ian Ayling, Director, Soil Association

About Springwood Farm: a mix of semi-ancient and ancient woodland with wildflower meadows, 60 acres in total, private and secluded specially designed for advanced leadership coaching work, see some pictures here:

About Giles Hutchins:Giles Hutchins  is a pioneering practitioner and senior adviser at the fore-front of the [r]evolution in organizational and leadership consciousness and developmental approaches that enhance personal, organizational and systemic agility and vitality. He is author and co-author of several leadership and organizational development papers, and the books The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014), Future Fit (2016), Regenerative Leadership (2019), Leading by Nature (2022) and Nature Works (2024). Chair of The Future Fit Leadership Academy and Founder of Leadership Immersions, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation and Regenerators, he anchors his international leadership practice amid 60 acres of ancient woodland at Springwood Farm, an area of outstanding natural beauty near London, UK.  Previously held corporate roles – Head of Practice for KPMG, and Global Head of Sustainability for Atos (150,000 employees, over 40 countries). He provides transformational coaching at individual and organisational levels for those seeking to transform their professional and personal lives in harmony with life. He is also a keynote speaker on the future of business, and blogs at and examples of his work can be found at 

His Leading by Nature podcast can be found at

For more on coaching with Giles or to register for the one-day immersion, visit his website here.

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‘Those who flow as life flows no they need no other force.’  Lao Tzu

This is why I have written my latest book NATURE WORKS which explores – indeed activates – regenerative leadership consciousness so we don’t merely ‘cope’ but ‘thrive’ amid increasing complexity by learning to flow as life flows.

“Welcome to the Regeneration Revolution. It’s time for humanity’s upgrade— enhanced creativity, embodied empathy, increased resilience, and improved agility. We have at the ready all we need to shift our mindset to one which is more future-fit for ourselves, for those around us, and for the organizations we serve.” – Giles Hutchins, Nature Works

Book reviews for NATURE WORKS:

‘This is a fascinating read which will challenge your approach to life and the way you consider every action. I loved reading this because it didn’t just throw out a statement or idea and expect you to merely react. It guides you through each thought, consistently delving deeper… This isn’t a light read, but then I wasn’t looking for that, I wanted my perceptions to be challenged and to expand my mind. This delivered on that front and I cannot recommend this enough. It will change how you look at life.’

‘This book will open your mind and heart and transform the way you live and lead. Giles is a wonderful writer with an ability to weave scientific, spiritual, natural and practical threads into compelling narratives that illuminate a pathway towards the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature that we so urgently need. Underpinned by his decades of real-world experience as a regenerative leadership coach and consultant, this book combines cutting-edge scientific findings with ancient wisdom to show us a path forward that is more integrated, wise and healthy for all the planets creatures and systems. Highly recommended!’

‘The worldview shift described in “Nature Works” invites us all to embark on a profound, personal, and collective transformation, recognising that healing from separateness to interconnectedness is crucial on our pathway. “Nature Works” is not just a book but an experience that will have you thinking, feeling, and most likely challenged. Certainly curious. It is part philosophy, business, and regenerative frameworks and touches the edges of a psycho-spiritual journey. It is a must-read for those committed to leading in harmony with nature.’

‘This is so much more than a book! Its wisdom in text, conveying a richness of life beyond words. Truly profound – in fact, life-changing. Read it!’

NATURE WORKS is now available direct from the publisher here

And from Amazon here   as well as other book providers and all good book shops.

For more on coaching with Giles, visit his website here.

You can also sign up to his newsletter here.

To sign-up for the special one-day immersion with Giles at Springwood Farm on 19th September 2024, see here for more details.

Feedback from a recent immersion with Giles:

‘The immersion at Springwood with Giles was very powerful, thought-provoking, energising and soul-touching. I’m still strongly feeling the ripples from our time, many days after, and have already started some conversations which could be life-changing as a result.  Thank you Giles! Highly recommended!’   Jules O’Donnell, Founder – talking CAT consulting

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