The time has come!

We are in the midst of a civilization-wide transformation of the scale never seen before: halving carbon emissions by 2030, reversing natural habitat loss, overhauling social inequality, tackling the mental health and wellbeing pandemic, embracing the digital revolution, and dealing with rising volatility and turbulence across all aspects of society and working-life.  No organization is spared.

Now more than ever, organizations need to adapt to disruptive innovations and new ways of working while co-creating life-affirming futures for all. Today’s new-norm of unceasing transformation demands a new-norm in leadership and organizational development. Leading by Nature goes right to the heart of this agile living-systems approach, informed by the regenerative systems in the natural world to inspire practices, tools and techniques that will help us lead organizations capable of transforming and thriving in a fast-emerging future. 

True to form, this latest book of Giles’ is an ambitious, encyclopedic synthesis of many sources of wisdom, all grounded in Giles’ own experience coaching and consulting with executives. Yet just as characteristic, it is a beautifully accessible book, easy to read and hard to put down. It is my fervent hope that many will read it, take its message to heart, and put its guidance into action.”– Michelle Holliday, Principal Consultant of Cambium Consulting & author of The Age of Thriveability

The new-norm in business demands a new-norm in leadership: a leadership consciousness that cultivates organizational cultures able to adapt and evolve during unceasing transformation in ways that create flourishing for all. 

This involves a massive call to a life-centric OD and the capacity to model Leading By Nature where we embody, in our being, what OD has historically referred to as ‘the self as instrument of change.’

“Giles has given us yet another timely gift – a detailed and superbly practical guide to the leadership consciousness and practices we so badly need in business, government, education and society at large today. It’s rare to find a ‘teacher of teachers’ that explains and illustrates all aspects of the journey with the clarity and down-to-earth accessibility of this book!” – Dimitar Vlahov, Advisory Board Member of Sustainable Brands & Integrate

You can purchase the book either direct from the publishers Wordzworth or from Amazon and other channels.

You can also listen to the podcast series where Giles Hutchins interviews CEOs of pioneering organizations pushing the envelope toward life-affirming regenerative business, here at Leading by Nature.

Author of four previous books, Giles Hutchins, draws upon over 25 years experience in leadership and organizational development, and over 10 years of executive leadership coaching and regenerative leadership practice to apply an approach to next-stage future-fit business.  This is a must-read for leaders interested in leading thriving organizations amid the increasingly volatile times ahead.

Leading by Nature is a powerful book for people who are serious about regenerative change” – Pamela Mang, co-founder of Regenesis Institute & co-author of Regenerative Development and Design

Giles’s new book is bang on the money, a really important book.” – Sir Tim Smit, KBE, Founder of The Eden Project

Giles Hutchins is fast becoming one of the world’s most influential and authentic guides to regenerative leadership.” – Chris Laszlo, author of Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business

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