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The Co-creation of a Reflection Tool for Regenerative Business: Where are you on your regenerative journey, towards truly thriving as an organisation?

Clearly there is a hell of a lot going on for organisations of any shape and size.  Not just volatility across markets, but also immense change within the workplace – hybrid ways of working, the desire for more meaning and purpose through work, the quest for agility, entrepreneurialism and self-management and distributed decision-making. It’s to… Read more »

Leading by Nature – The Process of Becoming a Regenerative Leader

 Leading by Nature – A radical new handbook for regenerative leadership from business transformation strategist, author, speaker and leadership advisor, Giles Hutchins “A truly exceptional and timely book that redefines the locus of power in relationship to leadership; leadership that seeks harmony and alignment with nature. Giles reminds us to bring awareness/presence to everything that unfolds…. Read more »

The Future of Business is Regenerative Business, by Giles Hutchins

Organisations able to thrive amid today’s complexity will be tomorrow’s success stories. Those who hold-on to yesterday’s mind-set will be old news. Time to Transform Rapid digitization, new ways of working, disruptive innovations, system-shocks like COVID and climate change, rise of robotics, block-chain, AI, fragile supply-chains, volatile market-prices, an aging society, social-shifts, Gen Y/Z, the… Read more »

Crossing the Threshold with Nature-based Coaching and Leadership Immersions

This article was first published in the July 2021 edition of Coaching Perspectives Times they are a’changin. Even the nature of change itself seems to be changing – ceaseless churning change of the catalytic variety concocts this pregnant moment of seismic breakdown and breakthrough.  I foresee the next couple of years as simultaneously challenging, transformative… Read more »

The Meaning of Regenerative Leading – emancipation beyond exploitation

There is a rising zeitgeist around ‘regenerative’.   Yet what ‘regenerative’ truly means is as ancient as it is fresh. It’s a timeless journey of becoming more human, more alive, more in-harmony with life. These days, I am regularly contacted by folk wishing to dive deeper into what ‘regenerative’ means for them and their work.  How… Read more »

A New Norm in Business Demands a New Norm in Leadership: Let’s Unlock Two Powerful Tools for this New Norm

We are in the midst of a metamorphosis. Profound shifts are affecting the way we work, how and why we do things, and the purpose and meaning we bring to our organisations and wider social systems. There are myriad factors contributing to this metamorphic moment.  To start with, there is immense stress in all systems. … Read more »

Why Regenerative Leadership has to be the new norm in business? by Giles Hutchins & Laura Storm

There is no doubt. We are living in a time marked by great upheaval and change, where the breakdown of global systems has become impossible to ignore. Leaders – both political and business – are  being forced to cope with rising challenges: pandemics; resource scarcity; high levels of stress in the work place; unpredictable, frequent… Read more »