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The Emerging Future of Business – Regenerative Business

We are living through a metamorphic moment, the very point at which a four hundred year old Age is dying and another is struggling to be born. This evolutionary breakdown/breakthrough ushers in a wholesale reconfiguration of commercial life, a new world of work, and a reinvention of the organization. No one really knows how long… Read more »

Crossing the Threshold with Regenerative Leadership Coaching and Immersions, by Giles Hutchins

Times they are a’changin. Even the nature of change itself seems to be changing – ceaseless churning change of the catalytic variety concocts this pregnant moment of seismic breakdown and breakthrough.  I foresee the next couple of years as simultaneously challenging, transformative and full of potential. Those of us engaged with transformational leadership work will… Read more »

Leading by Nature – Embodying Next-Stage Regenerative Leadership Consciousness

Through over a decade of working on regenerative leadership and nature-based coaching, I have developed a range of practices, coaching-frames and processes that aid the journey of becoming a next-stage regenerative leader, coach and practicioner. Whilst my main work is providing bespoke regenerative leadership coaching for leaders and practitioners 1-2-1 and with intact leadership teams,… Read more »

Into the woods, by Carolyn Eddleston

My decision to work with Giles Hutchins was not rational, but heartfelt and rapid. A word-of-mouth recommendation plus a fleeting Google search, and my mind was made up. The best decisions in my life have always been made in the moment, and from a gut feeling, not a head space. I signed up for the… Read more »

Living-Systems Awareness – Making Decisions Within Nature, by Giles Hutchins

As the rising interest in regenerative business unfolds, with an increasing number of conferences, consultancies, think tanks and practitioners positioning the journey toward regeneration as vital for the times we are in, it feels timely to explore the essence of becoming ‘regenerative’ in relation to Leadership & Organizational Development (L&OD). ‘Regenerative leadership consciousness’ is what… Read more »

Leading by Nature – The Necessary Shift in Leadership & Organizational Development Now Required for Future-Fitness

We are living through a once-in-a-civilization moment marked by great upheaval, where the breakdown of global systems has become impossible to ignore and signs of breakthrough are starting to emerge. This metamorphic breakdown-breakthrough moment is characterized by the need to evolve our enterprises from polluting extractors into life-affirming contributors. Our collective future requires that we… Read more »

Activating Regenerative Potential with the 5 E’s: Essence, Energy, Emergence, Evolutionary, Enthusiasm

The root cause of our social and ecological crises today is an impoverished and imbalanced way of attending to life. Put simply, our prevalent experience of life is corrupt. Rather than a natural flowing-with experience, we are often distracted, anxious, fearful, judgemental and war-torn. At present, there is a near total disequilibrium between what modern… Read more »

Embracing the Sacred Feminine for a new leadership era

Weaving ancient Nature Wisdom with the Science of the New Time This is a guest blog by Claudia van’t Hullenaar Change is in the air We are living in a time of transformation. There are forces at play in the world that are harmful and polarizing in addition to massive global challenges, sustainability crises, injustice,… Read more »