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A book review of Leading by Nature, by David Lorimer

This book review first appeared in The Journey of The Scientific & Medical Network, and was written by the Director of the Scientific & Medical Network, David Lorimer. ‘The is a brilliant, timely and paradigm-shifting book — required reading for all business leaders!’ Leading by Nature – Wordzworth 2022, 227 pp., £23.99, p/b – ISBN… Read more »

Designing Regenerative Neighbourhoods

I was recently asked to give a talk on the importance of bringing a regenerative mindset into neighbourhood design for an international architecture and design conference. Here I share the essence of my talk: What is ‘regenerative’ ‘Regenerative’ is essential about working the way life works; attuning with nature. As social scientist Gregory Bateson observed,… Read more »

A book review of River Journey, by Bevis Watts

As the sunrise softens into Autumn, I have treated myself to spending the last couple of Sunday mornings nestling into the hearth of one of my favourite Scots Pines with a cuppa while attentively turning the pages of River Journey by Bevis Watts, CEO of Triodos Bank UK and former CEO of Avon Wildlife Trust…. Read more »

Vivobarefoot’s Regenerative Business Journey 

The award-winning B-Corp Vivobarefoot is on a mission to reconnect people with nature and natural health through regenerative footwear and experiences. Like many organisations, Vivo developed under a hierarchical system with siloed departments. It was selling barefoot footwear to bring people closer to nature, and business wasn’t bad. But something felt unnatural to Co-Founders Galahad… Read more »

The Necessary Evolution from Machine to Living-systems L&OD

The L&OD living-systems paradigm is a worldview shift that moves us onward from yesterday’s machine paradigm. A “worldview shift” may sound daunting, especially when many of us experience enough stress, busyness, and volatility in the workplace today. The good news is this worldview shift is a genuine return. It is a revitalization of something innate,… Read more »

Crossing the Threshold with Nature-based Coaching and Leadership Immersions, by Giles Hutchins

Times they are a’changin. Even the nature of change itself seems to be changing – ceaseless churning change of the catalytic variety concocts this pregnant moment of seismic breakdown and breakthrough.  I foresee the next couple of years as simultaneously challenging, transformative and full of potential. Those of us engaged with transformational leadership work will… Read more »

Living Barefoot – Building a self-managing community at Vivobarefoot (an award-winning B-Corp)

Here at Vivobarefoot we’re evolving into a new way of working. We call it living barefoot. Living barefoot means more horizontal working, self-management, a focus on listening, inner feelings, openness and embracing tensions. And letting go of hierarchy, parent-child relationships, hyper-masculine stress and competition. As a result, we’ve swapped a vertical hierarchy of rigid teams… Read more »

Transformational Times call for Transformative Leaders & Regenerative Business

The time has come! We are in the midst of a civilization-wide transformation of the scale never seen before: halving carbon emissions by 2030, reversing natural habitat loss, overhauling social inequality, tackling the mental health and wellbeing pandemic, embracing the digital revolution, and dealing with rising volatility and turbulence across all aspects of society and… Read more »

The Co-creation of a Reflection Tool for Regenerative Business: Where are you on your regenerative journey, towards truly thriving as an organisation?

Clearly there is a hell of a lot going on for organisations of any shape and size.  Not just volatility across markets, but also immense change within the workplace – hybrid ways of working, the desire for more meaning and purpose through work, the quest for agility, entrepreneurialism and self-management and distributed decision-making. It’s to… Read more »