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Essential Steps Toward a Regenerative Mindset

Any real and lasting shift in our business and wider socio-economic system is predicated upon a shift in mindset. As the much-admired award-winning former Chairman and CEO of Interface, Ray Anderson explained, ‘We have been, and still are, in the grips of a flawed view of reality – a flawed paradigm, a flawed worldview –… Read more »

An Invitation -Recovering Your Own Eldership

A unique one-day, immersive experience with Giles Hutchins & Trevor Waldock Thursday 27th April 2023  “When a society abandons its elders, the elders abandon themselves” Michael Meade So many areas of our lives are screaming out for the elders – family, work, community, politics. Elders have always been part of the fabric of traditional cultures. They provide wisdom,… Read more »

2023, Welcome to The Age of Regeneration – but what does this mean for our organizations and ourselves?

The massive challenges humanity now faces are systemic – they are interwoven, created by a system-wide flaw. That flaw stems from the disparity between the way life on Earth works and the way we manage and organize our for-profit or non-profit value-creating ventures – our organizations.  ‘Regenerative Business’ aims to close the gap between how… Read more »

The time has come for Leading by Nature

The new-norm in business demands a new-norm in leadership: a leadership consciousness that cultivates organizational cultures able to adapt and evolve during unceasing transformation in ways that create flourishing for all.  This involves a massive call to a life-centric OD and the capacity to model Leading By Nature where we embody, in our being, what… Read more »

Dealing with our disconnection

The real problem underlying the myriad challenges we face today, is the problem of disconnection, and returning to a deeper sense of connectedness. Connection across self-other-world: connecting into our deeper truer-nature, connecting more authentically with each other, and connecting to life itself in all its fullness.  This article shares some insights around this challenge of… Read more »

A book review of Leading by Nature, by David Lorimer

This book review first appeared in The Journey of The Scientific & Medical Network, and was written by the Director of the Scientific & Medical Network, David Lorimer. ‘The is a brilliant, timely and paradigm-shifting book — required reading for all business leaders!’ Leading by Nature – Wordzworth 2022, 227 pp., £23.99, p/b – ISBN… Read more »