A unique one-day, immersive experience with Giles Hutchins & Trevor Waldock
 Thursday 27th April 2023 

“When a society abandons its elders, the elders abandon themselves” Michael Meade
So many areas of our lives are screaming out for the elders – family, work, community, politics. Elders have always been part of the fabric of traditional cultures. They provide wisdom, perspective, meaning and guidance to both youth and aging, to communities and to nations. We in the West have abandoned that role in our language, our leadership, our personal, community and organisational life.  

Leaders are formed in the cradle of eldership’ sums up the importance of this rediscovery. (1)
Traditional cultures were much more rooted in a respectful dance with the natural world that they saw themselves a part of, not in charge of. What can spending a day in nature help us to discover and recover about the role and qualities of elders and how eldership can be recovered in our personal life and aspirations, and in our community life (both local, national and organisational)? Society and young people desperately need the recovery of elders and we aim to explore how we can play a useful part in this adventure. This is an opportunity to invest in becoming elder, not just older.
Trevor Waldock

Leadership developer, mentor, founder of the international NGO Emerging Leaders, author and elder, Trevor has spent the past 17 years looking at eldership and how we can recover it within our personal and collective lives, with a particular interest in helping young people to begin their lives with the aspiration of eldership.
Giles Hutchins
Giles is a pioneer, practitioner, executive coach, thought leader, author and keynote speaker.  Using his unique skills and perspective we will spend a day in the beauty of Springwood, his 60-acre woodland in West Sussex, to explore what nature can teach us about how we can recover the aspiration to eldership for ourselves and the local or organisational communities we are part of.
Cost? £350.00 which includes all refreshments and lunch. 
Cancellation? After 9th March 50% charged. After 9th April 100% charged. 
Location? Springwood Farm, West Sussex RH17 6HQ  (10mins in taxi from Three Bridges station)
Max numbers? We can take a maximum of 15 people, so book early. Payment required to reserve a place.
To apply, contact Trevor on trevor@trevorwaldock.net

Please feel free to pass this invitation on to others you think may be interested.

[1] Reuel Khoza

Trever & Giles

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