Giles Hutchins helps broaden leaders’ perspectives so they can sense into the emerging future of their life purpose and their emergent organisational ecosystem.

Giles provides executive coaching, consultancy, life-coaching and board advisory services.

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'Thank you Giles! It’s been a super positive experience, and we end up somewhere so very different to that from which we started. You’ve created a really caring, nurturing and easy space in which to do challenging work.'

Chief Executive, UK-based ethical organisation

Giles works with senior leaders and managers at one-to-one, small group and systemic levels to unlock tensions and allow shifts in perception and learning to occur.  He offers bespoke programmes, one-to-one sessions and deep-dive workshops.

'We moved more in our sessions with Giles than we have done in years!'

Chairman of a travel company

'For many years Giles has been an innovative thinker, inspiring us to transform.'

Paul Drukman, CEO of The International Reporting Council

Giles is like a lantern: he meets you where you’re at and illuminates the path ahead alongside you. He brings an excellent blend of business acumen, emotional intelligence, and spiritual attunement. He works with your whole person, partnering with you to help your natural abilities emerge and develop.

Lisa Dittmar, Strategy Consultant at a global consultancy
I have no idea how I came across Giles but I’m really glad I did.   Working with Giles had been a journey of self discovery.  I have a lot more clarity of thinking and feelings of great connection to my friends family and colleagues.  His approach is very effective though difficult to explain.  One afternoon with Giles in the forest led to a major shift in my thinking and self awareness.  I’ve achieved a sense of peace - I’d highly recommend working with Giles to anyone who is at a crossroads or needs some time to get perspective on life.
Christine Nicholson, entrepreneur and executive mentor, award-winner 2020 Best UK Business Mentor
‘Giles has worked with our leadership team to help our organization grow and flourish as a whole living system, rather than a machine. Giles brilliantly combines his warm and empathetic style with his incredibly sharp business acumen. He helped me grow massively as a CEO and enabled our leadership team to work in more harmony. The ripple effects are already clear to see across our wider team and the tangible impact on our bottom line are also great. Working with him for the past 6 months has been an absolute gift and I would hugely recommend him to other businesses.’

Rob Wilson, CEO of international consumer goods company

Giles has been trained in and practiced a range of business skills, from the technical skills of business process improvement, program management, strategy and operational excellence through to the leadership and change skills of coaching, conscious leading, emotional and intuitive intelligence, mindfulness, Deep Listening, Way of Council, eco-leadership and Dialogue.

“Giles has run several very successful sessions on the Transformational Senior Leaders Program at Ashridge Business School.  His ability to help people use the natural outdoor environment to reflect on their leadership purpose and legacy creates a special, highly impactful experience for participants in the course of the overall programme.” – Colin Williams MBD Dip MRS MHCIMA, Director of Transformational Senior Leader Program at Ashridge Executive Education, Hult International Business School

“Prior to my coaching sessions with Giles, I felt like my personal and professional life was falling apart. I had allowed the daily stresses to overwhelm me, and I felt drained, depressed, and distraught. Even though it felt like a complicated mess, Giles provided simple and empowering techniques and insights to help me clear out the clutter, restore vital energy, and improve my focus. I am very grateful for Giles’ genuine support, as well as for his greater body of work promoting a resilient future for all.” – Ben Link, Entrepreneur 


Valley Lypiatt

Here is some feedback from a recent two-day future-fit leadership nature-immersion workshop with a 12 hour over night solo for leaders from across Europe to go deep and explore purpose, their inner-outer dynamics, shifts in being-and-knowing, authentic leadership, systemic awareness, and ‘holding space’:

'I felt completely safe, at home, in balance, peaceful and rooted.'

'Thank you for holding the space for each of us to unfold and have the opportunity to hear our inner wisdom, and for grace and magic to enter.'
'Embodying, sensing, experiencing the subtleties of what life is calling in; creating the conditions for restoration of both the inner and the outer unfolding.'

'Thank you for providing this wonderful space. It's been a deeply beneficial time for me and will be for my organisation too.'

'I am going away with a much deeper appreciation of how I pay attention to the spaces within which the shift from my adulthood to elderhood takes place - the inward and outward journeys engaging in a new and deeper dialogue… what an impactful two days for me, am so glad I came.'