Giles Hutchins

speaker, author, strategist


Giles applies over 20 years of business experience to his speaking, writing and catalytic skills. He provides advice and education on the emergence of a new logic in business.

‘Giles Hutchins is one of the most broad-reaching, forward thinking speakers and writers in business.’ Tima Bansal, Canada Research Chair in Business Sustainability, Ivey Business School

In what he refers to as a transformation from our ‘firms of the past’ toward our ‘firms of the future’, Giles Hutchins applies a range of tools, techniques and business insights to help our organizations become future fit.

‘Giles is a forward thinking visionary, passionate with the head of an engineer and the soul of a poet’  Alan Moore, Strategic Advisor at FluteOffice

Giles blends a wealth of leadership development, business strategy, operations and transformation experience with pioneering new thought on leading, sustaining and flourishing in volatile times. In particular, he draws on the logic of living systems to aid our leaders and organizations to become ‘future-fit’.

A prolific speaker, writer and adviser, he applies 20 years of experience to his work at personal and organizational levels.

‘Hutchins offers lifesaving radical surgery for humanity and the business world. With breath-taking flair, he dismantles illusions and articulates a bold and sophisticated vision of organizational sanity.’ Dr Malcolm Parlett, author of Future Sense, Five Explorations of Whole Intelligence for a World That’s Waking Up.

Recently the Global Sustainability Director for Atos, and previously a management consultant with KPMG, he has helped transform a wide range of organizations (corporate, third sector, public sector and start-up).

Giles is co-founder of BCI: Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, Founding Partner of The Bio-Leadership Project and Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy. He contributes to a variety of pioneering institutions, and regularly guest lectures at leading Universities and Business Schools as well as speaking at conferences and expert roundtables. He has been interviewed by the BBC, writes articles for a number of world leading networks, and is author of the books The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014) and Future Fit (2016).

‘Giles has provided us with a treasure-trove of approaches, methods, models and living examples of ways of creating the regenerative organization of the future.’ Peter Hawkins, Professor of Leadership, Henley Business School

Giles holds an MSc in Business Systems from Cass Business School and is trained in a variety of business transformation and leadership capabilities. He is currently based in the Cotswolds, UK, where he is Lead Partner of The Natural Business Partnership providing strategic advice for forward-thinking leaders and organizations.

‘Time to move! Giles clearly articulates that the on-going paradigm shift is irreversible because our deepest human nature has been largely ignored by the prevailing economic model.’ Jean-Claude Pierre, CEO, Scott Bader

The Future Fit Leadership Academy website is

Giles is a truly important change agent for our troubled times.’ Clare Moody, University of Bath

‘Giles is an excellent thought leader. And he also transforms his thoughts into powerful actions.’ Nigel Hughes, Director, Maynard Leigh Associates

Giles’s published works are:

Future Fit (Amazon), a practical business book for those of us involved in the future of business, from entrepreneur to senior executive.

 ‘Brilliant…a must read for all leaders and entrepreneurs.’ Richard Barrett, Chairman and Founder of the Barrett Values Centre.

 The Nature of Business (Green Books), which won an award in North America and has received much praise both sides of the Atlantic.

‘This book not only brings together the current best practice and analysis of transformational business, but also seeks to find solutions. Giles has for many years been an innovative thinker based squarely in business and this book demonstrates that thought leadership; the book leaves me thinking much more clearly and feeling inspired to transform.’  Paul Drukman, CEO of The International Integrated Reporting Council

The Illusion of Separation (Floris Books), which received wide ranging praise from world leading philosophers, academics, business experts and leadership specialists.

‘Giles Hutchins takes us on an amazing tour de force, the intellectual tour of our lives. With ease and incredible clarity, he reveals simultaneously the history and the philosophy and the implications of the dire plight Earth is now within … He does not let us hang there, however, for with equal engaged clarity, he shows us the alternative at hand … Never before, that I know of, has the choice of life, true life, or the path of degradation been put before us with such clear equanimity.’ Robert Sardello, PhD, Founder of The Center for Spiritual Psychology, and author of Love and the Soul: Creating a Future for Earth

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