Giles Hutchins

speaker, author, strategist

These transformational times demand that we become adaptable, creative, innovative and courageous.

Individuals and organisations that seek to flourish in the volatile times ahead must redesign for resilience.  This means embracing uncertainty while letting go of habituated ways that hold us back; so that we can open up to new ways of thinking and operating. Here lies the foundation for true leadership.

Giles Hutchins is a provocateur at the leading-edge of next generation transformational leadership and organisational development. Drawing on a unique blend of business strategy and operations experience, C-Suite advisory expertise, ancient wisdom, self-actualization techniques, leadership skills and pioneering new logic, Giles assists individuals and organisations to activate the consciousness required for real transformation to occur.

‘In times, when business leaders are struggling with volatility and uncertainty about the future of their organizations, Giles Hutchins lays out a path for transformational change.’ Mick Bremans, Chairman, Ecover

The root word of ‘leadership’ is ‘leith’ which means to cross the threshold, to let go of old ways, mind-sets and logic in order to embrace the new. Every one of us has the ability to become leaders in myriad ways: managers and midwives, counselors and CEOs, activists and administrators, entrepreneurs and engineers – the times we live ask us to ‘know thy self’ so as to reach beyond self-interest for the benefit of something greater.

‘Under the inspirational guidance of Giles we pioneered the ‘firm of the future’ approach and engaged our clients and partners on this exploratory path to a more sustainable and agile business ecosystem.’  Marianne Hewlett, Senior Vice President, Atos International

With the right attitude and transformational path ahead of us, we can thrive in these volatile times. It is only our habitual ways of thinking and perceiving that hold us back. Giles provides the soul nourishment, head-space and catalytic sparks to activate this transformation of a lifetime.

‘Giles delivers a refreshingly positive message…inspiring business leaders to grasp the mettle for transformation change.’ Dermot Egan, Co-founder of The Hub


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Giles Hutchins is Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy, a community of forward-thinking practitioners involved in transforming leaders and organisations towards becoming future-fit.
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